Artist book research



Today we saw the artist book collection in the library to help inspire us to create interesting books. Here are some of my favourites:


Tell the Bees – Sarah Nicholls


“We have been robbing the bees for thousands of years. How much do we really know about them? How do they live and how do they work? Tell the Bees is an illustrated investigation into bee community. Learn about the great bee matriarchy, communication as dance, sound construction techniques for the home, how to get rid of a layabout mate, and of course, how to make honey.

Tell the Bees is the Summer 2016 Brain Washing from Phone Towers Informational Pamphlet. Produced in an edition of 150, printed letterpress on French Paper and Kozo papers, with a little beeswax inside. I printed the edition in July at the Columbia College’s Center for Book, Paper, and Print in Chicago, and I thank them for their studio support.”

I particularly like this book because if its use of textures, papers and stunning lettering. I also found the layout to be interesting because it had sections which could be folded out.


Somerset Stones – Jill Barker


Somerset Stones is a work by Jill Barker revealing her explorations within a theme and comprises a ledger style drop back box containing letterpress and found objects with mirror, digital and woodblock prints, table of contents and description of the work. The work also contains four hardback bound books labelled vols 1 – 4 each containing a pebble and cut paper pages, one digital print of the pebble and a tide table for Watchett Jan-April. ‘Gift from the Sea’ is also part of the work – torn sheets of Somerset white satin paper in a flower press with digital print and stones with eye carving, two beach pebbles mounted on top and fixed with vacuum pack plastic.

What i like about Somerset stones is the layout, I love that  it has images that can pop out and the pocket type flaps on the inside make it a very interesting book to look through as it feels more interactive.


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