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From the start of this project I was very excited. I was inspired by the initial briefing as this is the sort of project I’ve always wanted to do.

While playing around with ideas I was thinking of what happens to me personally on a monthly basis as I thought I could really make this project personal as it’s something I haven’t explored as much. An idea that I thought of using was as I dye my hair colourful colours every month and it gradually faded out I could have used that as my colour scheme. But after evaluating it I thought it could limit my artistic outcome with the images.

It then occurred to me to use my personal issues and struggles to express myself creatively. I came up with a project that turned into “what if… A collection of irrational fears”.

imageAfter establishing my idea I started to brainstorm what content or ‘fears’ I was going to illustrate.  As seen in the above image you can see I wrote down a list throughout the month of my irrational fears/thoughts. I also wanted to include other people’s fears to make my project more relatable to my audience, I set up a anonymous page for people to submit their irrational fears as this could be something very personal which they may not be comfortable publicly sharing.

After I sorted my content out I did some rough sketches in my research book. I wanted to come up with multiple sketches of possible imagery for each fear.

Layout is important; I wanted to make sure that the series tied together and were presented well. I created a portfolio type fold out test booklet and included my individual illustrations of my fears inside which all had the same format: title at top,  the fear, the image. I used this as a test run for my images and to experiment with having images on  a piece of card rather than a page in a book,  as eventually I’d like my book to have images on something that can pop out rather than just flick through.



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