Field – mini project group project

For our first mini project in publish! we were  put into groups our group consisted of me- an illustrator Rosa – an Illustrator and Abbi – an graphic designer. We were told our brief was to find an object in the room and create a 3 part story zine on this item.
My group and I decided to use a plant, we decided the next step was to take several images of the plant.
We discussed what we thought was the best course of action for completing this piece and Rosa and I felt that drawing was our strength so we used the photos as reference then drew them and Abbi felt her strength was in editing so she used the photos to edit digitally.

Here are some of my drawings for this project:


Once all the photos were edited together we added text to tie the piece together. Overall I like the project as it was interesting to work with other disciplines and was a learning experience for me, as the way we work is very different and i feel it was a valuable experience for me as later in life when working professionally I may be working with other artists who may work differently to me.
In regard to the work itself to improve it I would maybe change the text, maybe vary the point size and make it less bold as i feel this may be more aesthetically pleasing.

Please see links below for finished zines:



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