Field Publish!- plan booklet

For our Illustration society  booklet we created a basic plan to figure out the layout.



This plan was to give a very rough idea to the sort of publication this will be  and how we would lay our content out. As you can see in the above images,  we’re creating a brochure/prospectus on what the Illustration Society is and what we plan to do.

We brought this to Ray to show what were planning to create and the guidance he gave us that we should consider removing the contents page as this seems unnecessary for a short booklet, to consider double page spreads as this would look better, and to consider point size. We found this to be very useful and created a plan for what to do next.

The next step is to improve from this plan booklet would be to:

1) fix the images ( edit in photoshop make backgrounds transparent and touch up)
2) Add in the text content and consider different fonts and sizes
3) create a colour scheme for the layout of the booklet
4) delete the contents page
5) make all pages double page spreads
6) make booklet in Indesign and use grids to make sure everything is lined up


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