field- Publish! outcome

Overall, I am happy with the outcome of my work in Publish!. As an illustrator with no graphic design experience this project was a challenge to me however it is evident that there has been improvment since starting publish!.

For this project Rosa and I were playing around with ideas for a while, we first was going to do another 3 part story zine but in more detail, we then contemplated doing a project on something more personal to us, such as mental health and make an informatitive publication. But finally we decided that as we are both leaders of the Illustration Society we can use this to create an interesting publication.
Rosa and I decided that we’d make a brochere type prospectus booklet. We created a basic plan and then used that to create a booklet in InDesign, To make this booklet successful we considered multiple things such as: theme, colour palette, images, drawings and text.

As the Illustration society is an official society at Cardiff met Student Union there is already a common colour scheme used for the SU’s publications. Therefore we decided it would work if we used this to base our colour palettte off of, so we used greys, blues, black, and white. We created a logo and used the official student union and university emblem, by doing this I feel like it makes the booklet look more official and crisp.

Rosa and I are both Illustrators so we set out a list of things we both needed to draw and then we made sure there was a good balance between our drawngs in each page. Overall the booklet isnt completely finished to the standard i’d like and there are a few areas which could be tweaked for example i feel like we could consider text more maybe adding more on some pages making a better balance between each double. I also think there could be some photographs so it isnt just drawings and text throughout.



Please see link below for project outcome:


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