Athletes of the Heart: First Day

During the first day of the field module: Athletes of the Heart, We watched Inspiring presentations, read the brief and met Daniel Soley whom is a composer and client for this project. We also had a challenge, We listened to Daniel soley’s piece ‘Socialite’ a few times and was asked to use a selection of materials such as: card,wire,plasticine, lego, lights, straws and much more to create something responding to the music.  In the above images you can see the work my fellow students and staff which they created from the challenge.

Here is what I created:


When starting this challenge I found it difficult to start with as this is not the way i work usually, I soon got over the hurdle of the unfamiliar and began working with coloured paper, wire and glue. My inspiration for this was that when talking to Daniel Soley he explained when  creating his piece of music he made it so there was a ‘hard left and hard right’ to the audio and no in between, he also explained how theres part A to the music and Part B with a bridge. While listening to it I felt that the start was very smooth and soft and then it transitions into a more sharp/manic/loud section. I decided to make one strip smooth and purposely tore the paper so it had a softer edge, Next I made another strip folded in multiple places with pieces of wire coming through. I also made something to represent the bridge between part A and part B of the music which combined the techniques used in the two previous strips.

Overall I found today inspiring and the challenge helped me get out of my comfort zone and start thinking more abstractly for this project.



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