Overall I’ve enjoyed creating my own brief and working through my structure and continued research into


Term 1 topic

Topic of interest to explore in third year.

After a successful field module last year with tom and chris working on athletes of the heart, and further discussion with Anna and Amelia in my pecha kuicha at the end of last year i have decided to continue my exploration in animation and experimental film.

Over the summer I had conducted various research and experiments into animation. For my ongoing project this term I’d like to have an open exploration of animation in all forms- 2d traditional, stop motion and digital

Hand in- reflection of the year

Overall I am happy with my work for the year, I have learnt so much and discovered more about myself as an illustrator through my experiences of experimentation and exploration throughout the year.

One of my main points of focus was working on my drawing skills – specifically by practising life drawing, Drawing from life has developed my drawing skills drastically throughout the year and is something i plan to continue to do over the summer and for the future.

I have also learnt how important it is to reflect on other artist’s work and use them as reference and inspiration for my work. I have looked at a variety of illustrators and animators such as John Vernon Lord, Luke Best, Nedko Solakov and Stan Brakhage.

I have identified my need to develop some drawing skills and how to do that and I’ve started to explore fields of interest that  i may want to focus on in the third year, such as animation and different methods of animation such as digital, 2d drawn and stop motion.

Life drawing

I have Explored Life drawing a lot more recently and as shown above i have bound a book together including drawings from my life drawing sessions.

Even from just flicking through the book i can see how my drawing skills have improved and I can see how valuable it has been for me going to these sessions so i would like to continue to explore and develop  this  further over the next year.